Here at Alpine Wood Heaters & Co., we don't just sell a wide range of high-quality wood heaters. We also offer ongoing maintenance and services to keep your wood heater running safely and efficiently for many years to come.

We can service all wood fire combustion units, open fires, gas units, boilers, pizza ovens, and large coffee roasters.

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Wood Heater Service / Open Fire Place Service and Flue and Chimney Sweep

Keep your family, home, staff, clients and investment property safe with an annual Wood Heater Service and Flue and Chimney Sweep and Inspection.
Along with cleaning and inspecting the Flue & Chimney, our service technician will provide your wood heater/oven/open fireplace with a full service including safety assessments, recommendations, repairs and maintenance as required.


1. Prevent Chimney Fires
The best way to prevent a chimney fire is to have it professionally inspected and cleaned annually from a build-up of dangerous un-burnt particles attaching to flue and chimney walls (also known as creosote).

2. Reduce your costs
An uncleaned flue creates heat loss up the chimney sending your valuable wood with it.

3. Insurance
Some insurance companies require that you have your chimney inspected or cleaned annually, or you run the risk of not being covered.

4. Keep Animals, Birds and Pests Out Of Your Chimney
Possums and birds like to nest in chimneys – an annual Service and Flue Sweep will reduce this risk.

5. Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Get peace of mind from an expert chimney sweep that can be sure that no CO is building up in your home.

6. Protecting the Environment
Keeping your fireplace clean and well maintained will lower your debris and admissions and reduce environmental impact.

Having your chimney cleaned means having a professional Chimney Sweep go through your home and ensure things are vented correctly, installed properly and that your fireplace will provide you with luxurious warmth all winter. We clean chimneys but our mission is peace of mind and safety for the family.

Sealing and Correct Flashing of Flue

If your chimney is not sealed and flashed correctly this will most definitely damage your flue and will also cause your wood fire unit to corrode and rust which in turn, compromises the safety and durability of the wood heater.

Chimney Brick Maintenance

Brick Chimneys can run the risk of cracking and the mud joints falling out rendering them dangerous and unsafe. As a bricklayer by trade, our service technician can repair this damage for you.

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