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TFM fireplace couple modern and classical European designs with an innovative, economic fuel consumption system, allowing for enhanced efficiency and ultimately, lower costs. Our wide range of environmentally friendly fireplaces will provide a warm and loving atmosphere in any home.

Lopi Wood Heaters


Contemporary, high-performance, cast iron insert. Given a large number of design possibilities, it will be suitable for all types of interiors: classical or modern.

Internal deflector,8mm thick walls and cast iron ribbing on the outside of the firebox are helping to maximize the heat exchange via air convection.

Nominal Power: 25 kw    
Stove efficiency: 75 %  
Weight of fireplace: 205 kg    
Smoke flue diameter: 200 mm  
Log length: 50 cm
CO emissions: (at 13% O2)  0.22 %    
Average flue gas temperature: 308 °C

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  • The cartridge housing is made of cast iron class 200, a minimum wall thickness of 8 mm
  • Built-in damper, which allows you to adjust the chimney draft
  • The deflector, which extends the exhaust gas path
  • 5 year warranty

Kaseta Arke

The Arke 95 is one of our biggest models, boasting a large combustion chamber, and great heat output.
The Accumulate (ceramic) lining and a cast iron grate to supports efficient wood fire burning.

Nominal Power: 16.5 kw    
Stove efficiency: 83 %  
Weight of fireplace: 154 kg    
Dimensions (W-H-D): 1020 x 620 x 470 mm
Smoke flue diameter: 200 mm
Log length: 50 cm
CO emissions: (at 13% O2)  0.1 %    
Average flue gas temperature: 195 °C

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  • Decorative Outer Glass
  • Features Clean Glass System
  • Outer Glass is Heat Resistant to 800
  • Profiled Baffle Slows Gas Release Allowing for After Burning
  • 3 levels of fan control for Fast Heat Distribution
  • Provision for Connecting Hot Air Manifolds for Adjoining rooms

Flamingo DELUXE

The flamingo DELUXE combustion system is an embodiment of perfection. Air supply is provided centrally from the rear part of the wood stove. Ash creation is minimal.

The entire combustion process is controlled using two draw bars.

The first regulates the primary air intake that is necessary for lighting up and getting the wood burning.

The second draw bar helps support secondary combustion, i.e. the combustion of gases. Opening up this second draw bar directs the preheated tertiary air into the upper part of the firebox by means of the top deflector plate.

This air is then used to achieve the most economical and efficient form of wood combustion possible, whilst providing beautiful flames and a clean glass.

Correct chimney draught is required to ensure proper combustion and can be achieved by placing a regulator on the flue pipe or by using a chimney damper

Nominal Power: 3-11 kw    
Stove efficiency: 80.17 %  
Weight of fireplace: 151 kg    
Heat Value: 60-220m³
Warranty: 5 years

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  • Timeless
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary air supply
  • Variable flame intensity
  • Insulated firebox from vermiculite


The Nemo is among the world’s first wood heaters to feature sophisticated new pyrolitic high-temperature combustion technology.

This technology combines highly efficient burning and reduced fuel consumption to maximise efficiency with minimal emissions.

The Nemo charms with both its stylish, unique design and also with its highly efficient dual chamber system. The dual flame display provides a new dimension to conventional wood heating.

Nominal Power: 14.8 kw    
Stove efficiency: 68 %  
Weight of fireplace: 160 kg    
Operating draught: 12pa
Smoke flue diameter: 150 mm
Log length: 35 cm
CO emissions: 0.5 %    
Average flue gas temperature: 160 °C

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  • Futuristic design
  • Precision built by a boutique manufacturer
  • Unparalleled display of two fire chambers
  • High quality components made to withstand elevated temperatures
  • Titanium stainless steel jets transfer gas from the top chamber to the bottom chamber

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